Nizwa Grand Mall - Bowling Centre

Powerfull 360º Ceiling Speakers

SUMMARY : The space was a lounge and a bowling alley, they required solution that can be used for announcement as well as play music which must over power the bowling alley noises and must be installed on the ceiling.

The bowling alley SPL varies from 85-115 db SPL. The lounge although substanciallly far from the machines and strikes, they required a soultion with wide range frequency and powerful enough to deliver loud playbacks.

FBT STYLE A50 – a 360º even sound diffusion over a wide frequency range ceiling mounted speakers delivered high fidelity sound evenly through out the lounge as listening position is not bound by the orientation towards the axis. Low second harmonic distortion and low intermodulation enabled them to perform at very high spl with excellent results with reference to the Larsen effect thanks to the sound energy that is reduced to one fourth towards the microphone while announcements are made.

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