360º SOUND

The nature itself has inspired this loudspeaker: in the nature the sound spreads to all directions, and, hence, we have developed a speaker that could reproduce a natural sound feeling. The sound diffusion in the nature is 360°

360º ?

Standard speakers propagates sound with a conical shaped diaphragm. High frequencies being more directional than low frequency, user will need to more to its direction or "sweet spot" to enjoy the whole sound as these speakers have a narrow field of dispersion. FBT Style 360 is made of an inverted conic shaped aluminium alloy diffuses a wide range of frequencies evenly in 360º enabling sweet spots all around them.


Excellent sound quality for all requirements Ranging from soft background music up to the reproduction of high level stereo sound in surround and HiFi quality

Loud and Clear

50WRMS @ 84DbSPL ceiling speaker that peaks at 90W @ 120 DbSPL produces your sound with almost no second harmonic distortion or losses in transmission was this master crafted Italian design, manufactured with highest precision in Denmark.


Elegant design, variable colours Ceiling mountable with minimal depth requirements Suitable for ceiling heights up to 32,80ft Superior tone quality Excellent voice clarity characteristics


Sound redefines the perception of space. Quality acoustics influences our well-being and may extend the time we spend in shops, bars, restaurants and customer orientated locations or in wellness areas. The conical geometry of the A50 produces a uniform dispersion of sound, but conceals its source. A soft comfortable sound fingerprint is created through the use of a novel aluminium membrane. Maximum sound quality is achieved even in the smallest space and can thus be utilised for smooth background sound as well as the reproduction of a high level stereo in surround and HiFi quality. Contrary to conventional speakers, a considerably higher level of quality sound with less sound equipment is achieved. Each model is available in three distinct technical versions with a minimum difference in appearance. This design orientated concept of construction offers variety from pure sound to attractive coexistence with different light systems. This additional flexibility means that the unit can be readily adapted to changing room aspects without having to replace the underlying model.

Features and Spec

  • Even sound diffusion over a wide frequency range (105Hz-20kHz) to all directions
  • They can be powered using standard amplifiers
  • The listening position is not bound by the orientation towards the axis
  • Perfect both for high-fidelity systems and for sound diffusion in environments such as train stations, airports, restaurants, shopping centres etc.
  • Full end even sound energy pressure everywhere in the environment
  • Excellent results with reference to the Larsen effect thanks to the sound energy that is reduced to one fourth towards the microphone
  • Low intermodulation
  • Low second harmonic distortion
  • Classic modern design, perfect for any environment

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