“Anybody can provide equipment; it’s the way you implement that equipment and the attitude you have that makes for a successful event.”

—TC Furlong, founder/owner, TC Furlong


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Our team of engineers and technicians who have attained significant experiences with prominent international artists and musicians as well as consulted, designed and installed several venues and spaces for sound reproduction. The attention to detail to every aspect of the signal chain and the product we use is the base to our quality performance. The brands we associate with are one of the most critically acclaimed in the international markets as they have proven its test over time. A catalogue of varied specifications and a remarkable build quality with a scope of fine tuning enables us to deliver the best sound quality from these products.


Acoustics of a space compliments sound produced by the systems.

We extend our services as consultants, designers, suppliers and installers for architects, consultants and clients for architectural acoustics, room acoustics, Media facility planning, Structural acoustics, Recording Studio design and Sound Isolation following BS 8233:2014 and EN 12354-6 standard of practices and calculation methods.

Our process entails with detailed analysis of the space for room transfer function and reverberant signals so as to estimate acoustic elements from EZ acoustics-Spain and custom made acoustic panels that may absorb or diffuse the sound depending on the analysis. Automated acoustic remodelling is recommended for multipurpose facility that aspires to accommodate concerts and conferences.

Soundproofing services are for facilities that inherits external noises or discharges sound from the facility, which are dealt with excellent details and custom build. The measurements and statistical report of which is presented along with acoustics report.

Our acoustic team and associates together offer customized designs on the acoustic treatment materials to aesthetically blend them within to the space they are installed. Our Clients are presented with 3D visual representations with multiple choices to foresee the aesthetic impact.


Light fixture we offer are DMX controlled via PC or a console for Club, Theater, Concert Venues and Auditorium. These fixtures are installed as per design for one application or a multipurpose application and programmable to a clock or a time code.

Over the years, we have developed fixtures as a result of working along with manufactures of popular lighting brands which are of the same quality. DMX programming is recalled in a touch of a button for PC DMX controllers or from Lighting Consoles. These are preplanned automation operated with standard cycles or with a timecode for theatrical performances. Our engineers and designers always pushes the fixtures to its maximum potentials weather its for a live act or for a fixed installation.

Stage and Trussing

Most auditoriums and potential event spaces like malls demands a portable stage solution. Our association with RAT Stands, offer stage solutions that are highly durable and easy to install with minimum manpower. RAT Stands products such as chairs for orchestra, opera music stands and other accessories are currently in use at the Royal Opera house, Muscat and many well known Opera halls in the world.

Truss are the foundation where the light fixtures and line array speakers holds on. We are proud to partner with Global Truss, one of the best and trusted brands and certified ISO and TUV brand. The products are chosen after accurate structure strength and weight distribution calculations and installed as to where the light and sound equipments are to be positioned.

Rigging these fixtures and the truss can be permanent or electronically controlled with heavy duty hoists. We also offer automated rigging for theaters.